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Control Your Destiny Within Your Network

Posted by Seth Ritter on Jul 1, 2021 3:33:00 PM
My family and I recently returned from a vacation to the Black Hills in South Dakota. While we were up there, we decided we were going to take a day and go out on some UTV’s. It was a perfect day for it, the sun was shining and the temperature got up to the mid-70’s. The trees were turning colors - it was truly a beautiful sight.
With this being my vacation, I decided I was going to stay hands-off when it came to navigation. I figured I’d stay behind and let someone else lead us. Besides, they had been here before and I hadn’t, so they probably had a better idea of where they were going. As the day started wearing on, I realized it was 3:00 p.m., and I had to return the UTV I had rented by 4:30 p.m. I let my dad know as he was leading the pack. He assured me we would make it on time and not to worry.
As we drew closer to 4:30 p.m., I begin to get more nervous. It seemed we were getting deeper and deeper into the hills, not coming out of them. I saw a trail marker and tried glancing at a map to figure out where we were, but since I hadn’t paid attention all day, it was nearly impossible. I grew more anxious because Iblackhills1 knew I had no control over the situation. After what seemed like hours we finally found a highway and high-tailed it back to the UTV rental shop. We were a few minutes late returning the UTV – which I was sure to give my old man a hard time about – but the most important thing was that we had a great day and there were no major accidents. 

Looking back on this experience I realized that by not paying attention to where we were at and going with the flow, I left myself vulnerable to not really knowing what was going on.
Cordell300x300 Suite of Products 200619
While this may be okay on vacation, I would not suggest “going with the flow” when it comes to monitoring the health of your network. You want to take an active and engaged approach, that way you won’t be nearly as vulnerable when problems arise. Nex-Tech makes this easy with their Cordell suite of network alarming equipment.
Whether it be RTU’s (Model 1000 & 2000) for insights on environmental monitoring within your central offices or an alarm collector (ISD4000) for alarm aggregation and reporting, Nex-Tech’s Cordell product line puts you in charge of monitoring your network.
For more information on all of Nex-Tech’s Carrier products, please contact me, Seth Ritter at 785-677-3092 or at

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