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Building Online Customer Relationships

Posted by Maggie Basgall on Oct 25, 2021 4:30:20 PM
 CX – the new buzz term. It stands for customer experience. It means enhancing customer relationships. It’s what we’re all after, right? So how do we do that, especially since so much of how we interact with our customers is online? Is it through email, portals, chats, social media? All the above? The answer is yes to all of that plus humanization. It’s about creating an experience that evokes an emotion in people that sticks with them.

As you saw from a previous blog titled New Challenge, Life-long Passion Introducing Maggie Basgall, I’m still pretty new in this position here at Nex-Tech and recently I was asked to present on this topic. The presentation—the newness—and the sought-after content reminded me of a story.

Years ago, I was an Addictions Counselor. Somehow, I had gotten through part of my training without realizing that I was to publicly speak up to three times a week in front of a group as large as 75-100. When it finally dawned on me that this was part of my job, I was petrified.

The day I did my first lecture, I got up on that stage and was, ehhhh, doing okay. Until about 20 minutes in, at which point, it hit me. All these faces were looking up at me for the answers to help them cope with life, and the worst cottonmouth of my life sank in. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t stop clearing my throat. Coughing fits took over (yes, I just said that word during COVID).

My mentor counselor in the group saw what was happening and started to tell a story from his addiction to give me a moment to gather myself. Then I saw it happen. A large, well known gang member and I mean serious – with tattoos by his eyes and only wore the color blue, got up and left. I thought “oh great, I’m so bad, people are leaving and that’s never happened before.”

Still trying to regain my composure for what felt like hours later (really only a few minutes had ticked by), I saw him come back down the lecture hall steps carrying a glass of water. And not just water, but ice water. The big deal about that was drinks were not allowed in the lecture hall. Even for counselors. So, this slight rule breaker was a lifesaver to me. This person who I had stereotyped the worst in the patient group offered help. I thanked him and carried on.

Oddly enough, I don’t remember the lecture content that day. I don’t remember the date. The weather or the names of most in the audience. But I remember how I felt with that act of kindness.

So, now as I’m working on this blog (after returning to a position where blogs and presentations are a must), I think of him, and I think of how it’s really our challenge to connect with people and create a feeling, whether in-person or online. And creating that emotive response is accomplished much in the same way as in-person: by humanizing ourselves and our companies. By showing feeling through our content. By caring for our customers and others around us.

Here are a couple of examples. Just try and tell me your day isn’t just a bit better off because of it! 😊

The first is maybe one of my all-time favorites. It features our construction crew, who we all know can be the forgotten few behind the scenes, all while working in the elements and making connectivity possible. The distinction maker here is it shows something DIFFERENT and sweet. The rescue of a fawn. The engagement from posts such as these are off the charts. Why? It’s that feeling.Picture1-1


The second example is a reminder to find a way to feature your customers’ stories by way of testimonials. With smart surveys gathering constant feedback, you can take what you see and showcase it to all social media. Help others see why they should pick you!Picture2-1

So, the next time you get the feel goods from an office party, a texted picture of something sweet a coworker did, or you see one of your customers in a heartfelt moment, share it! Have fun with it!


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