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Shopping for a Laptop, Monitor or Wi-Fi? Here's a Must-Read

Posted by Loren VonLintel on Dec 2, 2020 3:12:13 PM

Buying a New Monitor

Everything you do on your PC may seem a bit off if you are not using the right monitor. Whether you are immersed in spreadsheets or running around in Call of Duty, your monitor has a big impact on your experience. Different display specifications have flooded the market recently and it could be a bit confusing choosing the right one.

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Locking Down Server Security with HP Enterprise

Posted by Loren VonLintel on Sep 14, 2017 11:33:51 AM

Security is a looming issue for businesses. The threat landscape is increasing and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Protecting servers at the software level is no longer enough. Businesses need to reach down into the physical system level to stay ahead of threats. With today’s increasing regulatory landscape, compliance is even more critical for both increasing security and reducing the cost of compliance failures. In the new world of hybrid IT, the lines are blurred and the perimeter is fluid, changing with the needs of the business. Internet of Things (IoT), for instance, is quickly changing the security focus from a pure software discussion to including hardware and firmware because of the proliferation of devices that must now be considered. Business protection must now happen from the edge, to the core, to the cloud.

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Virtualization is Here to Stay

Posted by Loren VonLintel on Jul 14, 2017 2:09:53 PM

Shared-usage of computing resources, better known as virtualization, has been a technology staple for a long time.  Back in the 1960’s, IBM developed a system to time-share their mainframe computing power to their customers.  IBM posited that their mainframe resources could see more efficient use if they could spread those resources to many different clients at the same time.  From those beginnings at IBM, virtualization has grown, but the basic principles remain the same.  Virtualization is simply the process of creating a software version of what was once a physical piece of hardware.  Virtualization encompasses servers, storage, networks, and even PCs.  The rationale for virtualization also remains the same in that it gives the benefits of reducing capital costs, minimizes downtime, increases efficiency, provisions faster, and simplifies management of resources.

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Technology Must-Haves for the Summer

Posted by Loren VonLintel on Jul 12, 2016 1:15:42 PM

Road Trip!  When the time comes to hit the open road and leave it all behind in the rear view mirror, there are a few high tech items to consider including on your packing list. 

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Virtual Reality Devices- Not Sure Why, But I Really Want One

Posted by Loren VonLintel on Mar 8, 2016 10:05:24 AM

‘I’m not really sure why I want one, but I know I do.’  Too many times that phrase has entered the mind of a computer/technology geek like me.  Lately, I’ve been thinking those thoughts regarding VR (Virtual Reality) devices or headsets.  They are all over right now.  From a $5 piece of cardboard to a high end headset from one of the major phone manufacturers, you cannot look at story about technology and avoid the concept or advancements in the VR realm. 

Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, LG 360, etc. are some of the endless options available right now to dive into your own virtual world.  Most of the devices seem to be of the same idea - take your existing phone and snap it into the headset (Oculus Rift supplies the display, no phone needed).  Strap the headset on and fire up some software that takes you to another world, or takes you live somewhere around this world.  Couple this with 360 degree cameras and you will be able to experience ‘being there’.  You can look and walk around while experiencing the sights and sounds as if you were really walking on a Caribbean beach. 

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