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Where Does my Stolen Data Go? 211026

Building Online Customer Relationships

How Pioneer Connect’s Fiber Campaign Plan Became a Big Deal

Minutes Matter

Understanding Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Control Your Destiny Within Your Network

Carrier Technology Day 2021 Session Recordings

Why Cross-Functional Teams are Important and Six Practices for Nurturing Them

Ask A Pro: What is Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

My Starlink Experience

Top 7 Recommendations for Setting Up Remote Workers

New Challenge, Life-long Passion Introducing Maggie Basgall

Cybersecurity—The #1 Threat Right Now and How Not to Fall For It

FCC Approves 988 as New Dialing Procedure to Reach National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Kari's Law and Baum's Act. How Will it Affect my Business?

Cordell Newsletter Spring 2021

Season's Greetings from Jimmy Todd

Website Tips for 2021

Shopping for a Laptop, Monitor or Wi-Fi? Here's a Must-Read

Cordell Newsletter Winter 2020

Why Does the Webcam Need To Be On?

DON'T Do What You're Told (Until you know the request is real)

­­How to Assess Physical Risk to Your Business—Five Steps to Get You Started

An Interview With Nate Rohleder On the State of Physical Security

Lessons Learned on the Farm

Monitoring Generator Fuel Saves BIG Money

Cordell 2020 Summer/Fall Newsletter

What's Going On at Tech Edge 2020—The Big Picture

Funny Memes or Phishing, Identity Theft and Exploitation?

Do Cybercriminals Really Care About Me?

An Interview With Steve Riat On the State of Technology

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Tech Edge

Autonomous Cars and Autonomous Networks — Not Quite?

50 Years A Lifetime

What Toilet Paper Taught Me About Marketing

3 Things Marketers Are Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Work Remote With Cloud. Get Ready. Set. Go.

Going Live

Technology and the Birds of Optimism

Tools You Need to Work Remotely

To Our Customers and Communities

Three Easy Ways to Use Facebook Live

Windows 7 End-of-Life is Coming. Here is What You Need to do NOW!

Plateaus of Success

Introducing...Seth Ritter

The Perfect Storm

Heatmapping: The Ultimate Website Optimization Tool

Premise Phone System or Hosted Solution?

Tech Edge is in Salina.  Be there!

You’ve Been Compromised – What Now?

Goals for the Year

Give a Child an iPad - 8 Years Later

A Cave for the Geico Caveman to Envy

We Made it to Google Partner!

Which Social Media Is Right For My Business?

The 2018 Calix Innovation Award Goes To...

A Message from  Jimmy

Quick Tips:  With Microsoft Office, You Can...

Oh, Deer!

Quick Tips: 3 Features in Windows 10

Why You Should Ditch Windows 7 – ASAP

5 Myths About Managed IT Services

5 Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Get Your Business Noticed

How to Claim Your Google Business Listing

Lessons Learned Mowing the Lawn

Are You Purposeful About Your Customer Experience?

Backup – When All Else Fails

How to Budget for IT

Are We All Insane?

Weathering the Storm

Cybersecurity Through Managed IT

5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Facebook

Email – The Most Unappreciated Business Tool

Another Tech Edge in the Books

Managed IT For Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Don't Sleep On Your Infrastructure!

4 Benefits of Access Control

NTCA Highlights Nex-Tech's CALEA Compliance Service

Are you Focused on Being Productive?

Too Much Information

Nex-Tech & Fort Hays State University Partner to Bring Cloud Phone to Campus


Why We Focus on Partners, Not Vendors

It's that time again! Tech Edge is back!

I Am Tired of Scare Tactics and Cybersecurity

The Difference Between Good and Bad Tips

Are You Productive or Busy?

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Into the Future with Cloud Fax

Nex-Tech Assumes Dobson Technologies’ CALEA Contracts

We Can Learn a Lot from Our Cars

Google Advertising – Too Intimidating?

Cybersecurity Lookout

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Brand

How to Kill Culture Through Lack of Accountability

Making the Most of Your IT with Virtualization

Remote Monitoring & Management: Like Having Chuck Norris on Your IT Team

Geek Gifts 2017

What's Old is New Again (Well, Mostly New, But Also Old-ish)

How to Compete with the Big Guys

MATSS Replay

When Dad Let Me Drive

Locking Down Server Security with HP Enterprise

Knowledge Is Power – Remote Monitoring & Management

Electronic Access Control, The Key to Securing your Business

5 Steps to Creating a Marketing Budget – A Must for Your Business

Virtualization is Here to Stay

It Won’t Happen to Me…Until it Does!

4 Common Ways Your Employees are Stealing from You

What? I Thought You Did!

Tech Edge 4.0 - How'd We Do?

Why Care About the IoT for Your Business?

I Am Too Busy to Read This Article (Then This Article is for You)

Fireman, That’s My Name

Is Surveillance a Good Fit for Your Business?

When Did I Become a Juggler?

A Close Shave in Business?

Tech Edge 4.0

Your Local Chamber and You

5 Simple Things to Protect Your Online Identity

Tech Edge 2017

The Major Advantage of Digital Marketing

3 Must-Have Technologies for Small Business

Better Business Processes Equal Greater Efficiency

Don’t Listen to Them, Keep it Going!

The Switch Whisperer

Carrier Ethernet: SOAM Toolkit for Verification of Service Level Specifications

We Built It, Why Don't They Come?

Are You Comfortable with Making Electronic Payments?

Goal Setting

Having Fun in the Workplace

Where Did These Ads Come From?

The Power of Underdog

2016 Nex-Tech Vendor Meeting Recap

Lace Up Your Boots!

5 Things I Learned from Taking a 3-Month Leave-of-Absence

Servers Suck

What if I Search the Web for YOU?

Cybersecurity Plan… Where Do I Start?

DDoS...Just Make It Stop Already

Finding the Right Technology Partner

The Down and Dirty Benefits of Call Recording and Reporting

Too Much to Get Done and Not Enough Time

Want to Engage Millennials - Have You Tried Snapchat?

Should I Build a Facebook Page for My Business?

Windows 10 – Free Upgrade Ending July 29. Is it Worth it?

IPV6 Adoption is Like Waiting on Christmas

Keeping the Feds at Bay

Technology Must-Haves for the Summer

Evolving Into a Digital Society

Highlights from Tech Edge 3.0

Did I Miss Windows 9? (Tips and Tricks for Windows 10)

5 Ways to Get Started on Your Surveillance System


5 Steps to Help Your Business Prepare for an IT Disaster

One Note

3 Ways You Can Save Time on Your Social Media Efforts

Virtual Reality Devices- Not Sure Why, But I Really Want One

Minimum Specs May Not Be Enough

Network Assessment – What Does it Mean and Why Does it Matter?

Finally, a Tablet that Can Replace My Laptop

Microsoft is killing off Internet Explorer

5 Reasons Digital Marketing is a Good Fit for Your Business

Start the New Year Off With a Clean PC (Even if You Didn’t get a New One)

1 Good Deed, 10 Miles & A Whole Lot of Tech

Drones and More...Day 2 at CES

Day One of CES 2016

How Much Wi-Fi Do I Need...Is My Wi-Fi Broken?

How Did I Choose My New Computer?

Top 11 Tips on Giving a Great Presentation

Holo Lens is Amazing

3 Ways to Know if Managed Services is Right for You

The One Item You Spend Hours With a Day, But Don’t Think About

30 Days and Counting with the Apple Watch

Get the best of both worlds with SecuriSync® and File Servers

Should You Buy an Apple Watch?

Five Must-Follow Twitter Accounts

Summer Drama- First Look at 6 New Shows

Why Is My Internet So Slow?

Say Goodbye to Conference Room Cable Roulette

Dual Monitors- Fad or Must Have?

10 of the Most Bingeable TV Shows

How to Watch TV Online or On Your Cell

Does Size Matter? iPhone 6 Plus

Internet of Things: How Much Bandwidth Do 25 Billion Devices Need?

How to Pick a Winning Bracket

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