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A Close Shave in Business?

Posted by Steve Riat on Apr 19, 2017 2:52:43 PM

Chil.jpgLast week when I was getting ready one morning, I was using a rechargeable razor and don’t you know it, half way through the battery dies.  The razor I have is one that you can’t just plug it in and you are good, it must charge before it will work again.  The battery on this razor runs several weeks before needing recharging (Maybe even a month) so I tend to let it run low before charging, or I charge it before I go on a trip. 

It caused me to think that I am a lot like that razor.  I run until I cannot run any more.  What I don’t realize about myself is that over time I get slower and slower, just like that razor.  It is not obvious when the razor is about to stop.  If I charged it every week or two, it would shave quicker and give a better shave.  Same with myself.  If I would plan vacation or schedule charge time, I would run better and produce even more.

So how do I recharge:

  • Vacations (Well, most of the time. If you have one of those that keeps you running, it may not be the best recharging).
  • One hour a week of thinking about the business, not in the business.
  • Connecting with team members that keep you on focus frequently.
  • Go to conferences or sessions that pull you away from the day to day business and let you look at the big picture. (May I suggest Tech Edge?)
  • Read
  • Have a meeting outdoors.
  • Unplug from email and only review it at scheduled times.
  • Take a staycation over a long weekend.
  • Exercise (For me at least a ½ hour)

One thing is for sure, if I don’t take the time to do some of these when I find that I am in need, it is probably too late.   Then, like my shave, it causes stress.  Having to get out the old razor, taking even more time, maybe even getting a bit too close of a shave which will show the rest of the morning.  Take some time now and schedule your recharge.

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