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5 Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Get Your Business Noticed

Posted by Peggi Axelson on Sep 26, 2018 5:32:35 PM
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The news says the economy is getting better, and it might be the nation’s best economical year since 2007. Unfortunately, businesses are still feeling the budget crunch and are continuously looking for inexpensive, yet effective ways to push their products and services. The good news with that is, there are a lot of marketing ideas you can push out without spending your whole budget. Take these five tips and implement them any time of the year. However, since I love Halloween, I added my own little timely tips in the list. 


  1. Boost a Facebook ad – Better yet, run a Facebook campaign. These campaigns will be an effective way to use your funds, and they don’t cost as much as you might think. Not to mention, Facebook offers a lot of tools within the campaign manager that allows you to target your campaign to a specific group of people – that includes uploading targeted lists!   


  1. Sponsor a youth soccer team – Or basketball team, football team, ect. There are endless options. This is inexpensive and gives you the chance to buy shirts for the team with your logo on them. Therefore, your logo is in the viewer’s faces as they watch the kids play each.


  1. Host an open house – Who doesn’t love free treats and beverages? Open houses get traffic into your business and give you a chance to talk about your products and services. In person interactions with your customers will get you further than digital methods, plus those customers get to see how great your customer service is – in turn creating long-term customer loyalty. We also suggest a fun giveaway at this event!


  1. Host a lunch & learn – It’s simple. You need to rent a location, or host at your business, and buy lunch. Target a small list of potential customers, send them an invitation, and follow up with personal phone calls. It works well if you can get 5-10 people to confirm attendance. Since a lot of these people may be on their lunch break, just give a short presentation and answer any questions in less than an hour. Hopefully your presentation is engaging enough to get a couple people to stick around for further conversation.


  1. Hold a contest – Yes, that’s right, Halloween is coming, and dressing up is fun. It’s always a good idea to see how creative people can get with a costume contest. Whether you host it on-site, or have contestants post pictures to your Facebook page, your business is still getting some recognition and people will begin talking about it.


To get started, choose your favorite tip and dive in! After that method is a success, start with the next. It’s okay to take steps when promoting your business and you certainly don’t want to tackle this list all at once. Remember, if you like the ideas, but find you don’t have time to implement them, that’s what Nex-Tech is here for. We will work with you to be sure your business gets noticed.

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