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5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Facebook

Posted by Jenny Leiker on May 30, 2018 3:54:18 PM

You may have heard that having a social media presence is important for a business. You may have a Facebook page, but with the rules always changing, it’s challenging to keep up with the best practices for your social media.  Having a business Facebook page at all is a great first step. Here are 5 tips on mistakes to avoid to ensure your page is driving business for your company.


  1. The stagnant page. Perhaps you launched your business page a few years ago. At first, the posts were regular and frequent, but as you got busier and the page got older, the posts begin to fade. Now your page is as deserted as an outdoor pool in winter. While it’s true your page can still be found, a page with few to no new posts gives the impression that your business has dropped off the map. It also reduces the chances that new posts will be seen. At the very minimum, try to post at least twice a month so potential customers know you’re still out there.


  1. The cute pics page. Everyone hates Mondays, likes funny cats and enjoys holidays. We do too. However, not everyone wants to see generic posts about these things and they are definitely not following your page for this type of information. Facebook’s new algorithm scores your posts on relevance and interaction such as comments made on your posts and shares. Unless you are a cat groomer, it’s best to leave the cat pics to your aunt Linda and stick to posts your customers will truly find valuable.


  1. The over-linker page. While it used to be a best practice to provide fun and useful links to articles and videos, this rule has changed too. When you link to an external site, you are taking people away from your Facebook page. Try, instead, to share short videos you’ve made of your experts providing reviews or talking about your products or services. Videos now out perform all other types of posts. You can also share information you’ve written yourself. Original content will go much further in helping your rankings and keep your fans on your page rather than sending them to an external link. Also, writing the information yourself positions your company as the experts, not some random guy out on YouTube.


  1. The fill their news feed page. We know you want your posts to be seen, but most fans want to see the pictures of their friends’ kids, the update on Bob’s health or information about the local carnival more. Unless your business is one with a reason to provide frequent updates such as daily food specials, entertainment or interesting retail items, it’s best not to post more than twice per day at the very most.

 All About Me 

  1. The all about me page. While your page exists to tell people about your business, it’s also a good idea to provide valuable information that compliments what you do, but isn’t directly sales related. Remember, your goal is to post information that is valuable and will create comments and shares. For example, a realtor might post their top tips for selling a house fast. A plumber might post about the most common causes of water leaks in the home. Experts recommend an 80-20 split when sharing content. Share 80% of related content and 20% about your business.


Navigating the social media jungle can seem overwhelming, but if you avoid the 5 mistakes above, you’ll be off to a great start. To learn more about ranking on Facebook, check out our video, Facebook Zero.


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