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Nex-Tech Assumes Dobson Technologies' CALEA Contracts
By Dustin Schlaefli, Director of Customer Engagement

Nex-Tech has reached an agreement to assume Dobson Technologies' CALEA contracts. The transition was finalized on December 21, 2017. The Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) of 1994 requires...Read more


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Google Advertising - Too Intimidating?
By Aubree Broyles, Graphic Designer

The type of business you have, might gear your marketing efforts in several directions,  but there’s one thing we know for sure.  Every business should have an online presence, whether you are the local floral shop or...Read more



We Can Learn a Lot from Our Cars 
By Doug Kuntz, Carrier Access Manager

If you haven’t been shopping for a new vehicle lately, you will be impressed with all the technology that has been added in the way of driver-assist features.  Are these advanced features making us better drivers or allowing us to...Read more



How to Kill Culture Through Lack of Accountability
By Steve Riat, Director of Sales

I started my professional career working at a RadioShack and really enjoyed the work.  It had all the aspects I enjoy!  We served customers, learned all about the new technology and worked with a...Read more


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Are You Productive or Busy? 
By Steve Riat, Director of Sales

I have to ask myself that several times a day and have discovered my benchmark of productivity is that day before vacation. You know, you want all those little things off your plate so you can... Read more



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